5 Ways to Landscape Along Your Fence

A vinyl fence is beautiful on its own, but there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate your fenceline into your landscaping. Here is a look at some create ways to landscape the area along your vinyl fence.

Create a garden bed.

Instead of letting your lawn go all the way to your fenceline, why not create a garden bed along your fence instead? You can make your garden bed as shallow or as deep as you like. You might create an extra deep garden bed along the back of your backyard, for example, and plant large trees and shrubs there to create a miniature forest there. Or, you might create a garden bed all along your fence that is about two feet deep, planting small shrubs and flowers there. You might even turn this area into a vegetable garden. A garden bed along your fenceline will surely beautify your space, and the possibilities here are endless!

Install a paver border.

Want to prevent digging along your fence if you have a dog? Simply install a paver border along the bottom of your fence. With the right type of pavers, you can create a border that integrates well with the rest of your landscaping.

Install gravel or river stones.

For something that requires little upkeep while still making an impression, you might create a border along your fenceline using gravel or riverstones. You might install hardy trees here to add a natural element, or you might keep that zen rock garden feel by getting more decorative with your gravel or river stone installation.

Install hanging plants.

You could also install hanging plants on fence posts all along your fence. Many online retailers sell plant hooks and hangers that were made especially for installing on your vinyl fence. These are typically very easy to install, so this is a project you may very well complete in a Saturday afternoon.

Try two or more of the above.

Want a truly interesting and dimensional look? Try combining two or more of the above landscaping techniques. You might, for example, create a gravel border immediately along your fenceline and then build out a garden bed beyond that gravel border. Or, you might create a garden bed along your fenceline and then line it with paver stones for a more polished look.

Whatever you decide, your landscaping will look stunning next to your vinyl fence!