Different Fence Styles

Choosing the Right Fence

Choosing the right fence for your yard can be a difficult decision.  There are quite a few fences on the market, and each has a different functionality, look, and price.  If you are looking to build a new fence for your patio, yard, or planter box use our fence guide below to help you pick the perfect fence.


The first thing you need to consider is functionality.  What do you need your fence to do?  Do you need it to keep your pets in or deer out?  Or do you want it to put a border between your neighbor’s kids and your pool?  Do you need a safety railing for your deck, or would you like to up your home’s curb appeal?  Is there a different reason why you want to install a fence?

A wood fence is great for privacy or security, as it is hard to climb from the opposite side.  They are also great for limiting your pet’s sight line so that they bark less often.  A vinyl fence (depending on the style) is also great for privacy, or just for separating your yard from your neighbor’s.  They are also great for keeping dogs inside your yard.  Aluminum fences are great for making your home look a little more fancy, separate yourself from your neighbors without appearing too closed off.  However, they’re not very effective at keeping animals in or out.  Chain link fences are easy to install and cost effective, but unless you add slats, not very private.  They are great if you would like to grow vines along them, though.


It is important to match your fence to the style of your home.  You would look quite silly if you put a chain link fence around your colonial-style home.  Vinyl fences work best for nearly any style, as does aluminum (especially if you want your home to have a traditional wrought iron look).  What style do you want your home to have?


Of course you need to be able to afford the fence you choose to put around your yard.  A chainlink fence is by far the cheapest style, but it may not be the look you want around your home.  Look into all fencing options and get a full quote before you start building.

Fence Building

When planning your fence, check with your HOA and local city building codes to ensure that you don’t break any ordinances or requirements on height, placement, or style of fence.  Also determine where the utility lines are so that you don’t accidentally rupture a gas line.