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Create Your Summer Retreat with a Pergola

Pergola summer retreat

Let us paint a picture for you: a cool summer night breeze flows over your bare feet, carelessly dangling out of a hammock. Your family is gathered together outside on benches and chairs, eating snacks and having drinks after dinner while crickets serenade you in the background.

Or how about this? A morning alone in your backyard, reading a book. A fan blows on your back, and the air is rich with the smell of summer’s lush green growth throughout your yard and garden.

Most people plan spending a lot of time in their nice back yard… but they never actually do it, until they install a pergola. A pergola is an outdoor archway, usually constructed of a roof of spaced-out-slats held up by posts on all sides. Some pergolas are attached an exterior wall in your house, providing a sort of deck roof. Others are freestanding structures lending partial shade to a walkway, sitting, or garden area.

Five Benefits You’ll See From Your Pergola

#1: You can adjust it with the seasons
Pergolas are an attractive option for an outdoor living space because they’re very adaptable. Pergolas provide a bare frame for you to decorate – just once, or changing with the season. Pergolas can provide more shade if you add canvas strips, curtains, or even creeping greenery. Add twinkle lights to make a festive party space, or install a fan for convenience. You can switch out the dressings on your pergola as time goes by, or keep it bare for a minimalist style.

#2: You’ll save energy
Even the partial shade of a pergola can make a big difference. Plants that you place underneath will need less watering, since the sun doesn’t sap them so much. Radiant heat that usually happens when the sun hits the pavement or decking outside of your home won’t affect your house’s temperature anymore.

#3: It will increase the value of your home
Outdoor living spaces are a huge trend right now, and a structure like a pergola will greatly add to the curb appeal of your house. Pergolas add structure and character to your yard. They can make the whole place seem deliberate and functional.

#4: It makes a great stage for events
If you’re someone who likes to play host, a pergola will suit you just perfectly. Pergolas make a perfect party space for your summer cookout, birthday parties for kids, and even weddings! As we mentioned before, they’re easy to dress up, and they make a great backdrop for pictures.

#5: You’ll spend more time enjoying the outside!
In the end, the biggest advantage that you’ll see from your pergola is that it will draw you and your family outdoors. Get some outdoor furniture and decorate the area with some potted plants and greenery. In no time, you’ll find yourself enjoying your yard as you always planned to.

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