Broken Fence

Enemies of Your Fence

There are some things that can quickly destroy your fence, no matter what type you have.  It is important to know your fence’s enemies so that you can properly protect yourself.  Read on for the top 4 fence enemies.


Whether you or your neighbors have a large animal, such as an aggressive dog or a horse, chances are, they are slowly destroying your fence.  Dogs like digging under fences, and sometimes leap over the barrier.  Use your landscaping to your advantage to keep your animals in and other animals out.   Plant shrubs along your fence line, forcing your animals to stay away from the fence. If they are diggers, get a L-Footer wire fence that lays on the ground to prevent digging.  If you are worried about deer jumping into your yard, make sure you use a privacy fence, as they will be unwilling to make the jump unless they know it is safe.  If you still are having problems with your own animal destroying your fence, you may need to get an electric fence.


If you grow vines on your fence, they can destroy it, especially if it is made of wood.  To get rid of vines that are destroying your fence, manually tear them off, and use herbicides (if you can) to kill the plants.  However, there are some vines that are gentle on your fencing.  Avoid woody vines if you have a wood fence, and instead plant morning glory, moonflower and sweet pea.  If you have a vinyl fence, honeysuckle and clematis vines grow nicely.  Good vines for aluminum fences include wisteria, hydrangea, and other vines.   Aluminum is much sturdier than other fence types.


Vandals often use large surfaces such as vinyl or wood fences as their canvases.  Protect yourself by installing motion sensing flood lights, and putting plants and thorny shrubs in front of your fences.  Ask your neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious activity when you are not home.  If you have been the victim of graffiti, contact the authorities immediately.  If nothing else seems to be working, purchase an anti-graffiti film that can be removed if the surface has been tagged.

You and Your Family

You and your family are also an enemy to your fencing.  Be careful when you are playing sports or doing other activities in your backyard, as you could damage your fence.  Teach your children that the fence is not their playground, and they should not treat it as such.