Reasons to Consider a Vinyl Fence

The weather is starting to get warmer, and with the excitement of spring usually comes with a lot of home improvement projects. Anything you were unhappy with during the winter about your home or yard is getting evaluated to see if you still want to update it. During the springtime, most people do some form of spring cleaning. And while this usually generally applies to projects within the home, it can also apply yardwork that you’ve been meaning to do. One project you may want to tackle, is replacing or repairing your fence. Particularly if you have an old home, your fence can incur damages during the winter months from all of the rain, snow, hail, and windstorms. Whether you’re looking to simply update your fence, or completely replace it, you may want to consider a vinyl fence.

Vinyl vs. Wood

A lot of people initially want a wood fence, usually for aesthetic reasons. A lot of people don’t realize there are attractive alternatives to wood, that your other options aren’t just cinder blocks or chain link. Wood fences require a lot of yearly maintenance, as the weather can cause them to deteriorate and incur damages, whereas vinyl fences require much less effort to maintain.

Vinyl is incredibly low maintenance. When they get dirty, they can simply be sprayed down with a hose, and require no further cleanup. Wooden fences require more maintenance not only to clean them off, but also to maintain whatever paint or stain finish you’ve chosen for them. These finishes will need to be reapplied yearly to keep them looking good, while vinyl will not need to be refinished.


One reason individuals are originally deterred from choosing a vinyl fence, and choose wood instead, is because of the cost. Vinyl does cost more than a wood fence upfront, but that doesn’t mean that vinyl is a more expensive option than a wood fence. In fact, because of the low maintenance and the durability and longevity of vinyl fencing, you won’t have to replace a vinyl fence as soon as you would a wooden fence, and repairs are fairly simple and cost-effective(although you’ll find yourself repairing your vinyl fence significantly less often than you’ll repair your wood fence). Not only will it withstand bad winter weather better, but it can often look very similar to a wooden fence. Aesthetically, you’ll be pleased with your vinyl fencing, and you’ll be more even more pleased with the ease of use.