When is The Best Time of Year to Install a Fence?

Whether you’re getting a new home and need a fence installed, or your dog barreled through the fence you already have and desperately need a new one, we’re here to help. You’ve probably found yourself asking your neighbors and friends what they suggest. Everyone will have an opinion about what type of material is best for your fence, safest for kids, safest for your pets, etc. There are lots of different factors to think about! But what about when your fence should be installed? Spending hours in the middle of July to install your fence sounds miserable, right? And that’s because winter is the best time of the year to install a fence.

Landscaping is easiest in the winter


This sounds like a strange fact, but we promise it’s factual. During the winter, your landscaping is pretty dormant. Shrubs and plants are less likely to be damaged by construction while installing a fence during the winter months.


A fence can be installed faster in the winter


As soon as things really get warm, usually around April or May, everyone is scrambling to get their fences installed or updated. This means that you’ll find yourself waiting for availability, all the while you can’t let your dog out without being on a leash because your fence is non-functional. If you call someone to come repair or install a fence when it’s still cold, you won’t have to wait. You’ll be one of the smart ones, taking advantage of the colder weather to get your yard prepared for spring.


Installing in winter doesn’t interfere with outdoor activities


We all know that one of the best parts of summer is actually spending time outside. Enjoying the sunshine, and if you have kids, it’s a lot harder to actually enjoy the summer months if you don’t have a backyard to keep them safely outdoors. Digging up your yard to install a fence means that there won’t be any outdoors fun until the fence is finished. If you do it during the winter, your fence and backyard will be ready for fun as soon as summer and spring roll around!


A new fence will withstand the weather


If you have an old fence, you’ll probably realize that your fence is getting damaged because of all of the winter elements. Getting a new fence will mean getting to replace the rotted one you currently have, and you can pick a material that is better suited to handle the weather.