Girl and her dog

For a Dog-Proof Fence, Choose Vinyl

You love your dog, but you hate when he gets out of the yard. He might go wandering around the neighborhood, harassing other dogs, animals, and children. And he might get lost!

Dogs get bored during the day. They get curious about the outside world and decide to explore. When you get a family dog, you need to make sure that you have a secure yard to keep him in. Additionally, you don’t want anyone getting into your yard. Your dog needs a zone secure from people, other neighborhood pets, and wild animals.

Our suggestion for securing your backyard is vinyl fencing. Here are 5 reasons why it’s perfect for a family with a dog:

#1: Vinyl Fencing is Long-Lasting and Weather Resistant

Vinyl fencing lasts better than any other kind of fencing. The tough surface holds up against sun, rain, frost, and wind. Because it won’t crack, rust or rot, there will be no weak spots for your dog to worry at. You won’t have to worry about holes that you can’t see or access opening up behind trees and shrubs.

#2: Vinyl Fencing Looks Great for Decades

Because it’s so hardy and resistant to wear, you can expect it to look great for years and years to come – certainly for the entire lifespan of your dog. Vinyl fencing doesn’t have a bad side, unlike wood fencing. Both sides are beautiful! As an additional bonus, vinyl fencing is easy as pie to maintain. Just spray it down with the hose to clean off mud, dust, and pollen. With all of our options for vinyl fencing, you can choose something that will match your house and suit your yard.

#3: Vinyl Offers More Privacy

Vinyl fencing offers a solid border around your yard. No slats or rails with wide gaps that people can look through. That means that you can have privacy in your backyard. For those of us with high-energy dogs, this can also be a great relief, since passing cars and pedestrians won’t set your dog off in a barking frenzy.

#4: Vinyl is Chemical-Free

Both wooden and iron fences can have lead and other toxins in the paint and finish. This doesn’t seem like a problem at first, but if you have a puppy who tends to chew on things, it can cause some problems. Vinyl fencing, with its slick surface and chemical-free makeup, is safe for your dog.

Choose vinyl fencing to make sure that your buddy is safe and secure all day and all night. Let us know what we can do to help!