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Pool Safety 101

fenced swimming pool

Do you have a pool? Well then, whether or not you have kids, enacting some safety measures is a must. Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under 5 years old in the U.S. You can take smart steps to avoid dangers that friends, family, and neighborhood kids could encounter.

Set Some Rules and Stick to Them
Make sure that everyone who comes over to use your pool knows that you have rules and they’re important for everyone’s safety. Here are some suggested rules:

  • The proportion of kids to adult must be reasonable (2-3 children per responsible adult)
  • Adults always have a phone nearby when watching kids in the pool
  • Children under a certain age (or unable to pass a specific test, i.e. swimming a lap without help) have to wear approved flotation devices at all times
  • No diving or running

In addition to your rules, you might want to keep certain materials on hand. This could include a flotation device used for rescue, a chart with basic rules and first aid techniques posted, a first aid kit, scissors, and a shepherd’s hook.

Follow Pool Maintenance Guidelines

Ensuring that your pool is clean and the chemicals are always balanced will reduce the risk of communicable diseases for your swimmers. Keep the area around the pool clean and free of tripping hazards.

Consider CPR Certification

The authorities move quickly, but most of the time, you’ll be the first response team. Train yourself and encourage those around you who use the pool frequently to also be certified. Encourage kids (if you have them) to learn to swim. Any age can learn the basics. Even younger kids can learn to float on their back and be calm in the water. Make sure that everyone who comes to your pool is familiar with the safety resources available.

Fence Your Pool

Perhaps the best thing you can do to keep your pool safe is to set up a fence. Choose a fence that kids can’t climb, with automatically-latching doors, and at least 4 feet of height all the way around.

Fencing materials can double-function to create decorative appeal to your pool area. Fencing can also be used to cover up unsightly maintenance materials, drains, pipes, and other openings that could cause hazards to curious kids. Consider the area well before you get fencing for your pool. Think about the entryways, and choose durable, beautiful materials.

We have excellent options available for you to build a secure and beautiful fence around your pool this summer. Talk to us about your project and we’ll help you make a safe zone for your summer fun.