5 Easy Ways To Customize Your Fence

There are a lot of fence material options for when you’re ready to get your new fence installed. A fence adds a lot of curb appeal and value to your home, and it’s also a great opportunity to customize your backyard. When you chose your house, you chose one that had personality and character, a house that really resonated with your family’s specific style. So when you’re adding a fence, you should make sure that it fits your unique charm! Here are a few creative ways to customize your fence to transform your backyard.

A little painting goes a long way

One really fun way to decorate your backyard is by painting your wooden fence. Whether this means selecting a fun color and painting both sides, selecting a nice whitewash, or creating a mural. You have full creative power, and can turn your backyard into a piece of art.

Bird/Bat houses

A fence usually keeps unwanted animals out. But birds and bats can be appealing for your backyard! A lot of people don’t realize it, but bats will come and eat all your mosquitoes, and their guano is really good for your garden! You can buy a bird or bat house, and mount it to your fence to make some easy friends this summer!

Foliage decor

You may already have plans for bushes or trees at the base of your fence. But have you ever considered using your fence more creatively with plants? You can install a trellis, hanging plants, planter boxes, or safe climbing ivy to turn your fence into a vertical garden.


A well lit backyard will lead to countless enjoyable warm summer evenings outside. You can set up safe lighting all along your fence, such as fairy lights. It will not only light up your backyard with a warm and attractive glow, the added light will keep bugs away from you as you enjoy your warm nights in the backyard.

Garden Decor isn’t just for your garden

One really fun way to customize your fence is by adding art. You can attach garden decor right onto the fence, or you can create your own decor! You can add anything from picture frames, shutters, metal work, wooden letters, or decorative metal flowers. Just make sure any metal decorations you use have a rust proof sealer on it, so you don’t stain your fence.

With these 5 easy ideas, you’ll have a DIY-ed beautiful customized fence in no time!