Fence adorned with bright flowers

Creative Ways to Mark Your Property

A good picture is made better by a good frame. Your yard works in the same way. Establishing the boundaries of your property in a beautiful way elevates the landscaping throughout the rest of your yard. While establishing the borders of your property requires a good fence, there are other amenities that you can use to add to the aesthetic of the edge of your property. Here are some creative ideas on how to mark your property…

Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants are a favorite for making for a more private yard, because they tend to add to the natural beauty of the property, and are also going to work in winter. Also, many types of evergreen shrubs will still flower in the spring, which makes for a beautiful border. Examples of evergreen shrubs and trees include fatsia, lavender, aucuba, camellia, holly, juniper, and photinia.


There’s few ways to decorate your border that are more classic than using flower beds along the edge of your fence. Flower beds give you the opportunity to add color along the edges of your property. Flower beds can also be adorned with other types of decorations, such as statues and lawn ornaments, which allow you to be more personalized with your style.

Stone walls

In New England, and in other spots along the east coast, it is common for more rural homes to use short stone walls to mark the edge of a yard. This style dates all the way back to before the Revolutionary War, which is why it feels like such a rustic style choice, today. These stone walls usually only go about waste high, which is why this is typically a choice for front yards, if you are concerned about access or privacy in your backyard.

Tree lines

Throughout middle America, rural homes will use tree lines to mark the edge of their property. Not only do trees increase the property value of a home, but they make for a very obvious border in large tracts of land.