vinyl fence

Designing Your Perfect Vinyl Fence

Here at Fence Specialist, beautiful vinyl fencing is our speciality. We love vinyl fencing because it is strong, durable, and easy to maintain. Vinyl will withstand harsh winters, hot summers, rainy weather, and sun damage alike. You never need to worry about repainting it, and rust is never an issue, either. Cleaning vinyl fencing is as easy as using soap and water to gently restore your fence to a gleaming clean.

With vinyl fencing, you have a myriad of design options to choose from. Because many homeowners are unfamiliar with just how many possibilities there are with residential vinyl fencing, here is a brief guide to designing your perfect vinyl fence.

Choose your style.

We at Fence Specialist offer 25 different style of vinyl fencing. Some styles include privacy panel, windham panel, lattice top panel, shadowbox, picket, and split rail. You’re bound to find a suit that perfectly suits your taste and home design.

Customize with height and color.

We at Fence Specialist offer 4 different height options for your fence. Go with a lower height for a more open feel, or opt for an extra tall fence for privacy—the choice is yours. You also have your choice of either white or tan for your vinyl fence. White offers a particularly polished look, while tan complements natural landscapes beautifully.

Choose your caps.

Vinyl caps offer protection and aesthetic appeal for any fence. We offer a variety of cap styles, including pyramid caps, gothic caps, New England caps, low voltage light caps, and solar light caps. Choose whatever style you like for a truly custom look.

Add a gate or two (or three).

Gates, of course, make it easy to go in and out of your fenced property. At Fence Specialist, all of our gates are framed with sturdy aluminum, come with a vinyl coated steel cable, and are reinforced with a steel sleeve. Choose from a variety of styles to complement your beautiful vinyl fence, and have a gate installed wherever you feel will be the most convenient for your lifestyle.

Choose your hardware.

Hardware is the final touch for any vinyl fence. We at Fence Specialist offer zinc and powder coated stainless steel hardware—both of which are made to match your vinyl fence in functionality and durability. You can choose from a variety of finishes and features, such as spring loaded self closing hinges on your gates for added security.

Contact us today to get started customizing your vinyl fence!