Raised Garden Beds

Garden Boxes Fit Every Yard

You may think that your yard isn’t the type that can accommodate a garden. Maybe the soil is rocky and leached of nutrition, maybe there are pests, and encroaching weeds. Maybe a garden seems like too much of an undertaking, or you worry about the technicalities of irrigation.

Sounds like you need a garden box. A raised garden bed makes any yard a perfect space for a garden. All you need is some sunshine and a flat space.

Gardening Could Be Your New Favorite Hobby

The advantages of a garden are numerous. For one thing, it’s economic. Putting in a little bit of work will help you save on your grocery budget. You’ll have fresh produce as vegetables become ready for harvest, and you’ll know exactly where your food is coming from. Gardening can also be a wonderful learning experience for both you and any kids that you might want to involve. Lastly, gardening reduces stress and can provide a restful, meditative contrast to the rush of modern life.

A Garden Box Is a Beginner’s Best Friend

Garden boxes limit the complications of gardening. Here are some of the advantages you’ll receive from a garden box:

  1. Guaranteed perfect soil: Most Utah soil is either to sandy, or full of clay. It needs to be treated and mixed in order to create ideal growing conditions. In a garden bed, you control the soil. You can fill the bed with rich, fertile soil that your plants will thrive in.
  2. Decreased weeds and pests: While many weeds are windborne seeds, other weeds sprout from seeds already hiding in your soil, and remnants of previous plants. Additionally, pests travel freely throughout the soil in your yard. However, a garden box creates a safe, separate space for plants to grow
  3. Easier to work in your garden: As your garden grows, and you need to harvest, or tend to the plants, a garden box will make access easier. Raised beds mean that you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to tend to plants, and boxes can make everything more accessible because there are more corners and edges to work with.
  4. They look beautiful! Switching up the levels of your yard with a raised garden box adds interest to the space and helps your garden become more of a feature. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing, but it might also help motivate you to be in the garden more, helping it thrive.

Some Gardening Basics for Beginners

  • Follow the instructions on the seed packets that you buy. They’ll tell you everything from the sunshine needs of each plant, to how deeply you should plant it, to how long it will take to grow and mature.
  • Maximize the space in your garden bed by using trellises for certain plants. In fact, many plants prefer it, like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and cucumbers.
  • Keep to a routine! The biggest mistake most first-time gardeners make is neglect, or giving up before your garden has had a chance to thrive. Set up a weekly routine for watering and weeding.
  • Plant things that are both (1) easy and (2) exciting to you. Look at suggested plants and pick out a few that you’ll be excited to grow and use in your own home.

We have standard garden boxes, or we can customize a kit to fit your yard. Talk to us about installing a beautiful new garden bed in your yard and watch your project thrive this summer!