Restaining deck

Spring Deck Maintenance

Spring is the time most people work on important maintenance on their home and yard. It’s an especially important time for yard work because it allows you to spruce up your yard and home for summertime fun without having to work in the blazing heat.

One common springtime project is deck maintenance. You’re going to want to use that deck for parties, outdoor meals, barbecues, and summer games. If you have a wooden deck, you may need to refinish and repair parts of the deck in order to keep it beautiful and strong.

Here’s a quick guide to maintaining your wooden deck to keep it looking great:

1: Remove Debris

The first step to cleaning your deck is just to clear everything up and ensure that you have an open space ready to work with. Removing debris will, of course, require sweeping away leaves and dirt that have accumulated over the year. However, proper debris removal will also consist of scraping away gunk, rocks, and old finish from between blanks using a paint scraper or a putty knife. During this time, you should also consider covering any nearby plants and shrubbery to protect them from harmful chemicals.

2: Scrub/Pressure Wash

Creating a smooth and ready surface for a new layer of stain is about more than just sweeping away the dust. Using a stiff-bristled brush, you’ll want to go over the surface. This will ensure that you rid the deck of any mud, leftover stains, pollen, etc. As you go over the surface of the deck, pay attention to rough spots, and areas where some extra sanding could be useful to eliminate corners and sharp edges. Some people prefer a pressure washer to effectively clear the surface, which is a great option if you have one available. However, make sure that you don’t overdo the pressure. Keep an even stream across the surface.

3: Use Deck Cleaner

Deck cleaner is used to remove set-in stains from fungus, mildew, or grease. It gives you a clean surface that will ensure that when you stain and finish the wood, it sets well and lasts a longer time. Apply the cleaner using a paint roller, or stiff-bristled brush. Work it into the wood, and let it soak for the amount recommended by the manufacturer. Wash the cleaner off thoroughly afterwards. Some people prefer to use the power-washer here as well.

4: Re-Stain and Re-Finish

Make sure that the surface is completely dry before applying the new stain. There are various options available for deck stain application, from the old fashioned paint brush to a pump brush or staining pad. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and work in small areas to ensure that you can get an even look, especially if you have to work on it in stages.

5: Repair and Replace Early

If you are noticing damaged or compromised boards on your deck, it’s best to repair and replace things early. This can prevent future damage.

Remember that if your deck’s maintenance is getting to be a big job, it might be time to replace the old wood paneling with some new vinyl or composite materials, which are beautiful low-maintenance options that will look great year after year. Give us a call to get a quote for your project.