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Vinyl Gates

There are many rumors surrounding vinyl, the most popular being that vinyl is flimsy and will fall apart within a few years. This is not true about our vinyl fences and gates.

Each of our gates are framed with aluminum, come with a vinyl coated steel cable, and each post is reinforced with a steel sleeve. The hinges and latches are equipped with self-tapping tech screws, that not only look better but are stronger and more effective.

Vinyl is more durable than other fence types such as wood and metal. They are able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers and will not sustain water or sun damage the way a wood or aluminum fence does. You will never need to repaint your vinyl gate due to peeling and weathered paint, or replace it due to rust.

We offer vinyl gates in white and tan, and we have many different styles and heights to choose from. Request a free quote to have one of our fencing specialists help solve your fencing needs.

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