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Fence Tips

Pool Safety 101

Do you have a pool? Well then, whether or not you have kids, enacting some safety measures is a must. Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under 5 years old in the U.S. You can take smart steps to avoid dangers that friends, family, and neighborhood kids could encounter.

5 Ways to Prep Your Backyard for Summer

Looking forward to hosting more outdoor parties and barbecues in your backyard this summer? Chances are you already have plans to manicure your lawn on a regular basis throughout the summer, but there are a number of other ways that you can spruce up your backyard as well. Here are five ways to upgrade your backyard right before summer hits.

Enemies of Your Fence

There are some things that can quickly destroy your fence, no matter what type you have.  It is important to know your fence’s enemies so that you can properly protect yourself.  Read on for the top 4 fence enemies.

Choosing the Right Fence

Choosing the right fence for your yard can be a difficult decision.  There are quite a few fences on the market, and each has a different functionality, look, and price.  If you are looking to build a new fence for your patio, yard, or planter box use our fence guide below to help you pick the perfect fence.