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Back yard

Spring Deck Maintenance

Spring is the time most people work on important maintenance on their home and yard. It’s an especially important time for yard work because it allows you to spruce up your yard and home for summertime fun without having to work in the blazing heat. One common springtime project is deck maintenance. You’re going to want to use that deck for parties, outdoor meals, barbecues, and summer games. If you …Read More

Making Your Pergola Winter-Ready

Nothing makes a backyard more fun during the warm summer months than an aesthetically pleasing pergola. However, once the colder months begin to set in, you’re probably going to be spending a lot less time out on that pergola. This doesn’t mean you should just leave it out there for the harsh elements of winter to do their thing, though. Instead, you should take the necessary precautions to make sure …Read More

How to Keep Your Dog in Your Yard

Dogs make wonderful pets and additions to a family. They are loyal, smart, and form emotional bonds with kids that teach responsibility and empathy. However, they can also be a big headache if you don’t learn how to control them and keep them within your yard. Some people find their dogs are escape artists that find ways to get out of the yard, regardless of what they do. This can …Read More

Protecting Kids While They Play Outside

When we build a home we expect it to last a long time, provide shelter, and give our families a place to grow up safely. With the summer in full bloom, kids will play outside more and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Here are a few tips to keep your home as safe on the outside as it is on the inside.

A Yard Ready for Entertaining

Have you ever been to a wedding reception held in someone’s back yard? Did you find yourself envying the elegant landscaping, the ease of the design, the beautifully trimmed shrubberies and photo-ready hardscaping? Well, there are a few things you can do to make YOUR yard the hosting hub that you’ve always dreamed of. Having a beautiful yard is like having a great joke; you want to share it with …Read More

Garden Boxes Fit Every Yard

You may think that your yard isn’t the type that can accommodate a garden. Maybe the soil is rocky and leached of nutrition, maybe there are pests, and encroaching weeds. Maybe a garden seems like too much of an undertaking, or you worry about the technicalities of irrigation.

Create Your Summer Retreat with a Pergola

Let us paint a picture for you: a cool summer night breeze flows over your bare feet, carelessly dangling out of a hammock. Your family is gathered together outside on benches and chairs, eating snacks and having drinks after dinner while crickets serenade you in the background.